Bringing Life to the Japanese People... a Disaster Response Update

John Whitehouse, head of our “JESUS Film” Japan earthquake response, recently sent the following update that I want to share with you today. Read, be informed… but also pray:

March 11 marked the one year anniversary of the earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan. It was a crucial time to say the least.

Data from 337 countries show a significant increase in suicide after a disaster:

  • In the four years after floods, 14% more suicides
  • In the two years after hurricanes, a 31% increase
  • In the first year after earthquakes, a 63% increase in suicides

On top of sustaining nearly the biggest earthquake in history, Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

And there is one more sobering detail: March is usually Japan's highest suicide month. Not to mention, it coincides with the 3/11 anniversary.

Please spread the word for prayer.

A suicide-prevention manga (graphic story), "Risk Ride," has been developed to head off the hopelessness. It is actually higher quality art than the mainstream secular manga! Andy Meeko, staff member of Japan Campus Crusade for Christ (and author of the Risk Ride story) is leading the “Risk Ride” campaign to train people in sharing the hope of the gospel through this evangelistic suicide-prevention tool. “My Last Day” is featured with a link directing them to the Japanese “My Last Day” website. Pray it will be used by thousands to connect to the hopeless in this time of need.

To preview the suicide manga story John speaks about above, click here. Please pray that this tool, designed especially for this year’s outreach, will lead many Japanese, young and old, to seek the only real Hope for their lives—the Lord Jesus, the risen Christ. Fifty thousand copies of the manga booklets have been printed. Please pray for those who received the mangas, that the Holy Spirit will speak to them through its message.

Also, would you please share this “Call to Pray” for Japan with your family, friends, your church, etc.? Forward this email to others, or simply share it on social media.

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